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Welcome to the Hamilton web page

Here you can catch up on what's happening in our family and enjoy some of my favorite pictures of them

How I got here

It all started with a house fire back in 1995. While waiting for insurance to settle my affairs I moved one of my sisters unoccupied units. I fell in love with the place. I should have listened to my family from the beginning and moved in here. As it was my family had 5 units in Coach Homes. My two sisters each owned units, my grandmother had one, and dad and mom had another. Well one sister moved to Charlotte,and dad and mom moved to a home in Lake Nona with ground floor ammenities. They took granny with them. So now there are only two of us left in here. Me and my sister Bethany.

My Piece of Paradise

I love driving into our community after a day at work. Seeing all the children playing, the joggers running, and friends gathering on the streets to socialize is such a heartwarming feeling. This is such a warm and vibrant community it is hard not to fall in love with it.

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