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The Giant Pink Flamingo

I'm Oscar, the guy in the picture. I'm retired and my interests include participation in the Society of Moon and Stars Pattern Glass, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the 37211 PC Users Group and the online communities known as the AARP message boards and the Titanstailgate.com message board. I'm a member of the East Brentwood Presbyterian Church.

The Little Ray of Sunshine

Mary Ellen, the heart of the household, is very active in the Presbyterian Church and has attained the ranks of Deacon and Elder. She's now a member of East Brentwood Presbyterian Church. For years, Mary Ellen has been active in Arts & Crafts. Her artistic creativity is now displayed in her work with fascinators, a high fashion hair accessory.

The People in Fur Coats

Three cats live in our home. There's female Fraidy, short for FraidyCat, who follows me around like a puppy dog. Otis, a big cat, a lot like Randy on the TV show, My Name Is Earl. Cocoa, Otis' litter mate, is a skittish girl and is seldom seen by visitors.

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Location: Brentwood, TN
Registered: 07/05/2000
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