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I was elected President of the SNA in 1995. I think we as a group of individuals working together we can make Sunnyhills a place we can be proud to say is our neighborhood. We also create such a community spirit and good example for our kids that once grown they will look back with fond memories at growing up in Sunnyhills and as one of the best expericences of their lifes.

We all have our differences, BUT

There are many subjects and issues that might divide us as individuals. Just think of some of the more divisive issues that is part of our national debate; Abortion, enviroment, immagration, Military spending, etc.

But as local residents there is so much that brings us together. Our kids all play in the same parks and on the same playground equipment, We all suffer the same neighborhood traffice issues, We are all affected by the quality of our local schools.

All we have to do to work together is to agree to leave the national issues, those as a neighbrohood association we cannot change anyway, at the doorstep of our national leaders.

But on the neighborhood issues where we can agree we must work together to achieve positive results and make Sunnyhills the best place we can.

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