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Lura and I bought the home at 12517 Pine Bluff Drive in July 2007. Lura had a home on Miller Ave. and really didn't want to give it up. We initiated our new home on Pine Bluff Drive on August 18 by getting married there. We finally moved in, in November. We are still sorting things out and combining two households. Might finish that task in about 10 years.


Lura and I both lost our spouses and actually met through E-harmony.com. I had a home in Shawnee, OK that I sold the day before I bought this one.

Lura and I square dance three or more times a week and are active in our church.

Lura is a born and raised Oklahoman, and lived in Enid, OK for 36 years. She retired from M&M Supply.

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Lura and I were both active in our respective neighborhood associations. I was President of my neighborhood watch association in Shawnee for a short time before I moved. Lura and I were looking forward to being active in Walnut Creek but wern't aware that the Association had not been active since the president went to Iraq. We are both graduates of The Leaders for Today course given annually by the Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma and recently attended the Citizens Fire Academy. I am a Army Retiree and also retired from Alro Specialty Metals, Toledo, Ohio. I have been in Oklahoma since 2002.  

Robert is a Registered Parliamentarian, Retired, RP-P and is credentialed by the National Association of Parliamentarians, NAP.  

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