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I have been living in the Overland Neighborhood for the past 5 years.  I have been fixing up my house and renovating the inside/outside for quite some time.  I love this neighborhood and I am active citizen of this community.

Currently, I am the local real estate expert in this area.  I am very involved in the planning events and TOD thoughout the city.  I have designed a website (www.ColoradoTOD.com) that is dedicated to helping others buy and sell property within TOD's.  Of course I help people buy and sell all over the Denver Metro area, however, my specialty is with helping people invest in area's the planing department are redeveloping or investing in.  Using public funds to increase private investments is my specialty.

I look forward to meeting you all!

Location: Denver, CO
Occupation: Real Estate Broker Associate
Registered: 04/03/2008
Last login: 12/08/2009
Respect-O-Meter: Active Neighbor
Website: http://www.coloradotod.com/
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