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We are Michael(Dad), Amy(Mom), Justin(number 1 son) and Will (number 2 son). Michael is a Computer Programmer for a local communications firm, Amy is a full-time Mom and Justin attends high school. Will mostly goos and coos. We are pretty much home-bodies who like gardening, swimming in our pool, and reading. Michael is involved in politics with the Libertarian Party and is running for Florida House District 52. Michael is the president of the Magnolia Heights Neighborhood Association and sits on the Saint Petersburg Board of Adjustments.

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We live at:

3320 Jackson Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33704-1863

This is in the Magnolia Heights Neighborhood. We are proud to live in a community of mixed single-family and multi-family residences with a diverse population. While not as ''ritzy'' as next-door Allendale, Magnolia Heights is warm and homey. It is a very good fit for a middle-class family like ours.

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