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When I accepted the office of President of the HOA, I set some goals to acheive. The first was for this HOA to be percieved as a vehicle used to bring us all together for a common cause. I view the HOA as a tool to improve the safety, security and atmosphere of our community. The board members and I strive to instill a sense of pride and lead each and every resident to understand that San Michelle belongs to all of us.

We need your help. The board members are not the community, we all are. With the active participation of the people of San Michelle we can make our subdivision a community.


Brewing beer at home is an art that I got involved with several years ago. After a four year sabatical I began brewing again in January. I enjoy talking about this subject with anyone that is interested. And I will try to keep some on tap for those who want a sample of my efforts.

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