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Adam is now 1 year old. (The picture is of his birthday party) He is toddling around and loves to pound on things. AFter three girls is was very different (and lot of fun) picking out boy toys like Tonka Trucks and Drums. Dana is three and is full of attitude. Madison is a 2nd grader and doing very well in school. She is a perfectionist. Sam is playing volleyball on the A squad and also doing well in school.

The Rest of the Lester Family

We are always on the go. We havefour kids ranging from 13 to 1. We own a local printing business (RPM Print & Copy Services). We have six horses and live on a mini farm. We are starting to focus more and more on our family activities and are eliminating many of the community activities we were committed to in the past. Both Mom and Dad are origionally from Crawfordsville, Indiana and we decided to move back to the community to raise our children. You just can't beat the quality of life in our community.

Green Gate Farms

We live outside of Crawfordsville and have over 5 acres of land. Our property has allowed us to enjoy a new hobby. What is the hobby, horses! We have five wonderful animals ranging from a very large Appaloosa (1500+lb) show horse call Renny, to a great little pony called Cocoa that gets a lot of handling from our kids friends. Renny and our oldest daughter are two time showmanship champs at the Indiana State Fair. Dad has a three year old Paint that looks like a Holstein cow. He calls him Gateway because he looks like a computer box. Mom has a gray quarter horse filly with two white stockings. Recently a new barn was constructed with 10 stahls and we fenced in 3 acres for pasture. The neighbors also have 15 acres to trail ride in. Yes,horses are an expensive hobby, but the kids have really learned responsibility by having to do the horse related chores 24/7/365.

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