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Hello all, I'm Lisa and I am new to Parker since September of 2006. I am happily married and have a fisty 1 1/2 year old son. He is what made me turn my head and look twice on what I was eating and using in my home on a daily basis.
I am also a Toxin & Wellness Educator. I am still learning as I teach others.


Did you Know...???
The Average Child visits the doctor 23 times in the first 4 years of life - mostly for respiratory infections
Bleach & Lysol are both registered PESTICIDES under the FHSA

50% of Illness is due to poor INDOOR air quality

Over 150 Chemicals found in homes are connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer, pychological dis-orders, and MUCH MORE

Liquid Dish Soap is the Leading Cause of Poisonings in the home for Children under 6 yrs. old

Small Doses of neurotoxins, which are harmless to adults, can Harm a Child's Nervous System Development

FORMALDEHYDE is a highly toxic substance. It is a highly suspected cancer-causing agent. It damages the neurological connectors in the body. It is an irritant to the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. Here are some products that contain FORMALDEHYDE:

Mouthwash - Hairspray - Cosmetics - Cleaning Products - Perfumes - Waxes - Shampoo - Air Fresheners - Toothpaste - Antiperspirants - Dry Cleaning Solvents - Just to Name a Few!

PHENOL is an extremely caustic chemical that burns the skin. Absoption of phenol through the lungs and skin can cause: Central Nervous System Damage - Pneumonia - Respiratory Infections - Kidney & Liver Damage - Numbness - Vomiting - and can be FATAL!!

PHENOL is VERY COMMON and used in:
Air Fresheners - Bronchial Mists - Chloroseptic Throat Spray - Deodorants - Aspirin - Hair Spray - Decongestants - Mouthwash - Calamine Lotion - Cleaning Products - Detergents - Aerosol Disinfectants - Hand Lotions - Sunscreen - Lip Balm - Just to name a FEW!!

Is it worth risking all these chemicals to your child, family, or even your pet's health???

Wellness Workshops

I have Wellness Workshops for women and moms every once in a while to help them find ways of converting their homes to a safer and more efficient home. We also go over how to start a home-based business for those interested. There will be no selling at these Wellness Workshops.
If interested in learning more please contact me through one of my sites below.

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