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Kira Chatterton

Hello! I am Kira. I am your neighborhood Realtor. I work for Watson Realty Corp at the Beach. If you every have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Adam Geis

Adam geis is the head football coach at Sandawood High School. GO SAINTS! Adam graduated from DUKE where he started all 4 years in Baseball AND Football.

The Boys

Meet Jered Geis. He is 6 and plays basketball and soccer. He goes to Neptune Beach Elementary.

Meet Austin Chatterton. He is 5. He will be starting t-ball very soon! He loves video games.

Meet the baby, Aidan Chatterton, he just turned 4. He loves everything! He goes to First Baptist Weekday Ministry.

Jered and Austin are shared with their other parent so are not always here.

Aidan is always here!!

And when all 3 are here.... OMG!!

We are always looking for a permenant reliable baby sitter for Aidan. So if there is someone looking to make some extra money.. Please contact us!

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