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Walk Now for Autism Speaks" event in Auburn Hills, MI

On Oct. 3, 2010, I'm walking to raise money for the "Walk Now for Autism Speaks" event in Auburn Hills, MI and I'm asking for your support, and if you would please make a donation to this worthy cause.

Please visit my official Web page to make a donation. Thank You! ~Karen Brown-Webb
Find a walker: Karen Brown-Webb, Wyandotte, MI
*I will wear company Logo: Shirt, cap,
or pen if supplied of *highest donor.


Hello!  I am Karen Brown. I have resided in Wyandotte, MI nearly 8 years. I am a proud mother of two adult children, and one grandson that I adore.  

I grew up on the east side of Detroit, and graduated from Cody High School in Detroit. I also attended Wayne County Community College in Detroit where I attained an Associate Degree in General Studies.

My interests are in Computers and Fine Arts, and I am a new Author and Self-Publisher of my first book of poems titled, "Little Mirror, a Personal Journey" by Karen Brown (2010)

My inspiration to write "Little Mirror, A Personal Journey", came from a need to overcome the fear that prevented me from sharing the passion I have in my heart to write beautiful poems, prayers, and mindful notions. This book was a personal journey for me to complete, and a starting point to live, learn, and grow. You are welcomed to visit my site when you get a chance, I would love the visit-

I also invite you to join my new up and coming site .

-This is a new forum based site developing to be a place for members to come together as friends to share ideas, information, and tips to help encourage, motivate, and inspire each other on that journey to achieve dreams, or goals- 


-Thank you for providing this site, and for visiting my page-

"Friendship is always welcomed"






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