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I have resided in in the South Carthay area, since 1998, where we purchased our home and moved here from the Marina Del Rey area with my wife Cheryl, and my 6 month old baby girl, Sophie.  We needed a larger place to live with our new family starting out.

Since then, Sophie is now 12 years old, and we have two beautiful girls.  In 2006, Toby was born.  Toby is now 4 years old and probably grabbed the hearts of many of our truly wonderful neighbors.

I am no longer in sales, as I was when we moved in.  After receiving certification as a computer repair technician, I return to the profession I was involved in 1984 but did not keep up with the ever changing field of computers. I always love to tinker with computers, and now I repair them.

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Location: Los Angeles, CA.
Occupation: Computer Repair Technician
Registered: 05/12/2011
Last login: 05/18/2011
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