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We are the Heckman, Judd and Berry family or HJB for short. Chrystal and I were married in 2006 and in doing so we blended our family. We have 7 kids! JD, Jon, Justin, Triston, Cayla, Spencer and Chryssi. We have three grandkids as well Gracie, Jack and baby Jon. My Grandma Beverley Davis was a member of the first board here at Holiday Lakes. My parents Donald and Linda Davis loved coming down almost every weekend when I was a kid. My brother Donnie Davis and sister Angela McAtee own lots and come down regularly. We currently live in Manhattan, Ks where I work on Ft. Riley teaching Soldiers. I am a retired Army Veteran serving over 21 years with 4 tours to Iraq. I mention my tours in Iraq for one simple reason, besides thinking about my family I cannot tell you how many hours were spent dreaming about the Lakes, to me it is my favorite place in the world. I would love nothing more than to be fishing on a dock or off a boat with my kids and grandkids.

Location: Manhattan Kansas
Occupation: Fort Riley Computer Based Instructor (Teacher)
Registered: 12/17/2019
Last login: 05/11/2020
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