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Tom and I moved into Lake Bosse Oaks in the fall of 1992. We had always wanted to live here, and after about 4 years of dreaming - our wish came true. We have three children, Jason - 27 (who married Ashley Jarvis in June 2006), Tracy - 25 (who married Seth Lytle in May of 2005), and Heather - 23. I homeschooled all of them up until Heather graduated in 2004! Now, I spend my time writing as much as possible, and serving in our local church. We have a full, rewarding life that I thank God for everyday!



About the Lake Bosse Sun

We started the Lake Bosse Sun in December 1999.  It began as a desire in my heart to assist our Board of Directors in communicating important information to all of us - the neighbors who make up Lake Bosse Oaks. It has been such a fun and fulfilling project for me, allowing me to get to know you in a more meaningful way. Your encouragement through the years has motivated me when I was tired of the monthly commitment. I hope to continue publishing The Sun as long as I am able and as long as there is information to share. This has helped create the community life we all long for in this fast-paced society.

I am thrilled that this past year has expanded our newletter to 4 regular contributors to our newsletter. This has helped me tremendously on the time issue as well as making our publication more helpful. I am always open for more ideas - please e-mail me if you have an idea for one issue or even for a regular column. It is, after all, your newsletter.



Nass Parts & Service

Tom began working at Nass in July of 1982 when our son was born. Before that, he was the General Manager for Gordon's Jewelers. A job that had great benefits, but not so good hours for a young family. Starting out at Nass as the Service Manager, in December of 1997 we were able to buy the company. It has been amazing to see God's blessing in the past few years. We provide parts and service for commercial cooking equipment. Basically, anyone who has a commercial kitchen comes to us for repairs when their equipment breaks. This includes restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, prisons, etc... Needless to say, in this area we stay quite busy! I (Debi) started working there when I graduated from high school (Evans) in 1977.  Update:  We were able to sell our company in December of 2009 to an Internationally based company expanding our service to include the entire nation.  Our new name is 3Wire, based out of Minneapolis, MN.  Tom still works there, but now as the Director of Business Development.  Our dream was to see this business expand - it has now come true.  For this we thank God! 


In 2008 we began The Romantic Vineyard.  A website dedicated to encouraging godly marriage and romance.  We provide new posts five days a week, with some posts on Saturdays.  You can find us on Facebook and by our URL:

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