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Hi my name is Angie Jones and I wanted to introduce myself and my Theapy Dog Chapter Centarl Ohio Good Shepherds to everyone.
I started my chapter for therapy dogs to do visits to senior citizens homes, hospitals, childrens hospital and childrens homes after I found the need to find others that do the same but didn't know how to go about contacting anyone, so I set up my chapter and started setting up my table at area dog events & pet stores.I have the only Central Ohio chapter for Therapy Dogs International, which is based in New Jersy and has chapters all over the world. We are a none profit organization and we and our dogs go through a strick training and have to pass two different test. We pay for everthing out of our own pockets or by yard sales and test we give twice a year. Our dogs are liscened and have insurance that covers them while on the visits.
If you would like to find out more about therapy dogs or like to donate any thing for our yard sales please e-mail me at
This is not a club or a click, the voluteers and their dogs have thier love to share for those who need us.
Angie Jones,
Chapter Founder & Director

Therapy Dogs

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