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We try to keep track of information that concerns the people who live here. Very much involved in raising my voice when the city council has come up with a bad idea. The council members have put our community last on their list of concerns. The park, our sign to our community, and lack of police in our area have been a few things have talked to me about.

Community Group?

Is anyone in this community interested in forming a civic association for our area, so we may have a stronger voice in council? I don't believe that fees are necessary, just a well informed area, and the ability to voice our concerns in our little area. The building has begun in this area and we have to keep track of this. Also the building on 33 and pickerington Road for it will affect us.

Not hard to find.

I am usually at council meetings, amoung other meetings that are held. I am active on the Tree Committee. I am also one of many petition carriers on this vote come May 8th, so any questions you have on this issue ask.

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