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What a great place to live!

I am so lucky to live in such a great neighborhood! After living in several states and even in europe, i call Tempe home!


This is really a wonderful neighborhood. My block in some aspects is still in the 1950's with a little 60's thrown in for good measure. We are so lucky to still have some original owners from the early days of our neighborhood. Their stories are wonderful and delightful to hear.

Second generation

My husband and his family moved to this neighborhood in 1961, and his mom is still here. She has shared great stories about the tree lined streets and not really paved roads. In talking to people here i have learned that there was a dairy across Roosevelt where the condos are now. One day a cow made a daring escape and took a stroll down Parkway Blvd. I have heard that many homes did not have fences until the 1970's. One long time resident with 4 boys told me of replacing a dozen of her windows for chips, cracks and breaks, BUT you always knew where your kid was; in someones yard playing ball.
We have had many wonderful neighbors and i hope that our neighborhood will continue to see the Christmas mornings with children riding their new bikes, and ice cream socials, and being good neighbors who know and care about each other.

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