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In 1990, newlyweds David & Carolyn Fries moved into their first home, a 2BR 1 BA wood frame cottage style, here in Crescent Lake Neighborhood. Their first child, Zachary was born in 1991, followed by Connor in 1993, Thea in 1997 and Harrison in 2000. Zachary graduated from St Pete High in 2009 and the younger children also attend public schools in Pinellas County: Perkins Elementary (Harrison), John Hopkins Middle (Thea) & Saint Petersburg High (Connor). In 1996, clearly outgrowing their starter home, the Fries' moved two doors down the street into a larger residence designed by the renowned New York/Miami Art Deco architect Lawrence Murray Dixon. They reside in that home today.


The Children

As mom and dad don't favor video games and television, you'll no doubt see the older boys skateboarding through the neighborhood, playing football in the open field at the park or maybe even catching a movie at Baywalk. The younger two usually stay closer to home and keep busy with gymnastics (Thea) and swimming (Harrison). Following the belief that ''it takes a village'', feel free to use the old addage ''I'm telling your parents...'' if you see them doing any wrong. And if you catch them doing right, we like to hear that once in a while too!


Professional Life

David is the Director of the Ecosytems Technology Gorup at the Saint Petersburg campus of the University of South Florida. He also teaches a graduate level course titled ''Environmental Sensor Systems Technology''. He has founded/co-founded four companies based upon his research/intellectual property at USF: Intelligent Micro Patterning, Bioplex, Voda and Bioplex Technologies. Carolyn works for several of the companies and is also CEO/founder of Guided Particle LLC, a company formed in 2006 to develop and commercialize her 2005 patent for printing of thin film materials. Prior to Guided Particle, Carolyn was Vice President of Engineering & Operations, Intelligent Micro Patterning. She also served as President of the Crescent Lake Neighborhood Association from Jan 2007-Dec 2008 and is a member of the Rotary Club of St Petersburg and volunteers with the Pinellas County Schools.

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