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Patti is currently a seminary student who will graduate next year, and Roger is a freelance photographer specializing in industrial photography.

Roger's Interests

I am primarily a freelance photographer. I like to take the assignments that other photographers avoid. I like a challenge.
My business is called CUSTOM IMAGES Photography.

In my spare time I sell lots of items on eBay and I am also into target shooting with handgun, shotgun and rifle.
I work on firearms issues at the Iowa Statehouse as a lobbyist.
I am the Media Relations Coordinator for Iowa Carry, INC. and am also a director and moderator for that organization.
I also help people with photographic and computer related questions.

Patti's Interests

I am a textile artist. I like to play with fabric and sharp things like pins, needles and scissors. I also like to paint, read and write for entertainment. I hope to be published after I graduate from Bethel Seminary in 2009. My passions include worship, preaching, Star Trek, Superman, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (the vampire!).

I became a Minister of Health in 1994, legally ordained in 2001 and am currently doing my pastoral internship at Fort Des Moines Presbyterian Church.

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