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Hidden Oaks Circle

Hidden Oaks Subdivision turned 30 years old in 2008! There are approximately 45 houses located on Hidden Oaks Circle, only 10 of which are occupied by the original owners, although many current owner/residents have lived here over 20 years. The first couple of years, Hidden Oaks residents got together for Christmas Eve and lined their driveways & sidewalks with luminaries, mixing with their neighbors and exchanging holiday chatter. Wouldn't it be nice to re-kindle that tradition? We are hoping to hold a ''meet-n-greet'' later this spring in order to get acquainted with some of our newest residents, and renew contact with the ''old-timers''. Those wishing to help organize a get-together please contact your block leader - either Tracia Clossey @ 9721 or Richard Adams @ 9607. Both The Adams' and the Closseys are original owners in the subdivision, by the way.

There are MANY residents in other areas of Grid 18 that have lived in their homes for over 30 years, some of which are original owners OR children of original owners. So you can see that this area is very stable, and that we are surrounded by neighbors who have a great interest in preserving the welfare of our community.

Thank you to everyone for being good neighbors and for helping make this part of Forest Hills a great place to live & raise families!

''See you on the sidewalk . . .''

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