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Art and Ginny sitting behind Alison and Carolyn

Art's Retiring!

After over 33 years at U of L, Art will retire at the end of March. You may see him aroung the neighborhood much more, since he will not only be retired but was drafted as the Bonnycastle neighborhood association president this year. He also might be seen working around the house repairing the back wall and touching up the paint on the house. He also plans to look into several volunteer opportunities, such as building houses with Habitat for Humanity, and recording books for Recording for the Blind and Dislexic, which he did for 23 years when they had a studio on the U of L campus.

Ginny Alison and Carolyn updates

Ginny still loves her teaching

Ginny enjoys the challenges and rewards of being a Resource Teacher at the Lyndon site of the Jefferson County High School Program, so she's not quite ready to retire, but may change her mind anytime.


Alison enjoys exploring New England from her home in Boston. Her job in sales sometimes requires a fair amount of travel, which can be both good and bad, but it's always fun and challenging! Her other activities include sailing, volunteering and knitting.


Carolyn is living in Madison, WI where she attends the University of Wisconsin. She expects to finish up her mastersÂ’ degrees in Forestry and Restoration Ecology this summer and will be looking for a job.

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