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Hi there!

Thank you for visiting my profile. My name is Daisy, 36 y.o from Flower Mound, Tx. I am a very simple person, hardworking and a loving mom for my 6 y.o girl.  I just wanna share with you the opportunity that can help you in this economy.

With the energy business is booming, I joined in this great company named by Inc. Magazine as the #1 Fastest-growing company in the US, AMBIT ENERGY! A recession-proof growing company offers great benefits to all its customers and  business partners, its Consultants like me. I have a llot of "whys" in joining this successful company and one is to have time with my family while earning by helping others save..Now, I will ask you.

How many do you know use electricity/natural gas in the US?

How many do you know wants to save with their bills?

How would you like to earn residual income by helping others save?

If you feel positive about the questions above, then maybe this opportunity is for you!

All  you need to step up is follow the system we called "5-2-6" means, gather 5 customers (actually you only need 3,coz 2 will be provided to you) then 2 Consultants under you.  Then help your 2 consultants to gather two under them,that makes a total of 6 Consultants.

We are expanding! Ambit Energy service is available in PA,Maryland,NY,NJ,Illinois,TX and soon to open in MA and CT! 

To learn more about the company , the benefits and the business opportunity, please visit

To check for service availability and rates, please visit

Thank you very much for your time! God Bless us all.....





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