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Hi! My name is Alisha Davidson. I have lived in the CEENA community for almost 45 years. We moved here when I was in second grade. I attended Coolidge Elementary, Roosevelt Middle, U.S. Grant High and graduated from Mt. St. Mary High School in south Oklahoma City. I am a mother of three children. I am currently attending the University of Oklahoma to obtain a B.A. in Administrative Leadership. I am also employed as a legal assistant at the largest insurance company in the state.


While I was growing up, our neighbors were our friends. We knew each other and often spent time together. Kids played together. Families watched out for one another. I want to encourage each of you to get to know your neighbors.


Soon, we will hold CEENA membership meetings. If you have any suggestions for speakers or interesting topics at our meetings, please let me know. We will also plan to have at least two large annual CEENA family events open to everyone who wants to participate (i.e. picnic, ice cream social, etc.).

Location: SW 53rd Street, Oklahoma City
Occupation: Legal Assistant
Registered: 09/09/2013
Last login: 09/13/2013
Respect-O-Meter: Respected Neighbor
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