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My name is Lizeth Marquez and I was nominated on October 22 to become the Social Chair for the community of Tierra Del Sol. I am new to planning events socially and during the Semi-Annual meeting I spoke with a few residents about working together, either to be on the committee or to donate time whenever possible to help bring the community closer.


I will be using this webpage and create a FaceBook account for our community to try to spread the word about the many events I have gathered as well as to events that other residents provide. If you are unable to attend meetings or just want to know what is going on please contact me at TierraSocialCommittee@gmail.com or stop by my place and I will catch you up.


I would like to see the entire community to be part of the events so any little help is help and encouragement for others to be part of a closer community.


Thank you for taking the time to explore the new page and when the new FaceBook page is created I will announce it on the AMS statements.

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