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First off let me say that I have lived in this community for 15 plus years and in doing so have seen many changes Good & Bad.  But the one that seems to bother most of the neighbors is when a Home Owner doesn't seem to have the respect for their own property's conditions or how  it inadvertently affects their neighbors property . For the most part this community is very well kept individually & by  the Civic Association members & volunteers. If you want to live in a squallier than maybe RUTHERFORD isn't the community for you & your family. Sometimes it takes a person looking from the outside to tell you what they see thru their eyes. I will not get into a debate with anyone on this issue & if this sounds like it's  a little close to home  & your heart than maybe you should re-evaluate your property. Come on Rutherford residents Help Keep this Neighborhood CLEAN & one that shows people that we have RESPECT for our HOME & COMMUNITY!!!!

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