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 First Healing Prayer meeting;

  Date: October 21, 2011

  Time: 7pm - 10pm

  RSVP 602-507-9052

 Every month we are seeing so many spiritual and physical healings.

   Our Ministry is different than most. My name is Rev. Michael Weissman and I am the Pastor of Circle of Unified Life. I felt God told me that He wanted me to start a ministry where there weren’t any hindrances. Where His presence, glory and anointing would be there so He can meet people's needs. He wanted this ministry to be a Holy Spirit Led ministry. God said to me, that when we start these meetings that…Pastor, if you show up, I’ll show up!” So, God’s glory and anointing is always there and He will definitely be there to meet your needs!

In our meetings, the dimensions of the Circle of Unified Life are released, and the Glory of our Holy Lord will manifest through signs and wonder. Physical healings and miracles will be normal occurrences.

Our meetings will not be a "conference" or "bible study" type of meeting. We just follow the Holy Spirit and do major personal ministry. It iwill be truly amazing how God's Glory and presence will always be there and all the miracles that will happen in our meetings.

God is using me wherever I go and His mighty hand is moving through me in the prophetic, healing, signs, and wonders which are manifesting everywhere. I received this amazing prophesy and ready to do God's work. If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area and interested in attending please e-mail us at:

rev.michael@circleofunifiedlif​ ~ ~ or message phone; 602-507-9052

 Blessings always arise when you enter this group, God always smiles on us

Blessings on your beings & Joy to your Souls

Rev. Michael Weissman."

​(side note) - We are looking for people in the Phoenix, Arizona area to join wtih us and help start-up this Ministry of God's powers.

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