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I've been in the neighborhood since 1972, since age 12 when my father bought 1202 West St. to launch his business that came to be called Medical Associates.  I worked my father's business from the beginning till a little less than  full-time full-time though during the early years it seemed more than 40 hours a week.  I did repairs, paneled offices, ran the mail room, played courier, moved equipment for all new offices, printed doctor's bills to patients-stuffed them in envelopes, sealed and mailed them, cleaned up "presents" from young people that one would expect from dogs; back then the problems was keeping human droppings from the second floor offices !  It is fair to say it was a rougher and more dangerous neighborhood back then.

As a self-employed clinical/police psychologist I ran the Marriage and Family Center of Delaware and the Police Psychology Consultation Center at 1202 from 2002-2008 after practicing at 4 other spots in Wilmington for 10 years.  Major medical problems led to closing up shop till just within the past month.  We are making interior and exterior renovations (reflecting changes in the past few years).  My apologies for appearance of 1202 over last several years.  My father left the office to my mother when he died in 1992.

I'm happy to share more history about the neighborhood from 1972 to the present.  Some of the stories are well worth hearing.  I believe I could be of assistance in keeping things quiet after 10 pm and maximizing general safety-not necessarily a nieghborhood watch per se but "identification and resolution of big problems while they are still small" as the Chinese put it.  I've logged too many hours managing predators, pests, and the rest in different parts of the city including our neighborhood.  People will probably get a kick from a few unique ways to keep the peace.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting people.  Welcome to the neighborhood without a name till recently.  Anyone been around since 1972 ?



Kevin Keough


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