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Summer ART camp at the candler park neighborhood church! June 10-14, 9-3, $250. CAMP will include daily yoga and meditation, outside when possible. It will also include special guest artists coming in to do special projects including printmaking. We will do walking field trips, temporary art with nature, planting found surprise art around the neighborhood, time in the park and on the large church playground, which also has Picnic tables. All of this will be added to my regular cool projects which often includes paper mache, mini magazines (zines), simple book binding, observational drawings, art games, origami, hand sewing, painting wood and canvas, mixed media, collage, etc,. It's going to be my best camp ever! I hope you can join. Thanks! Heather Sotack Humblebee Art Company 822 Tanner Dr. Scottdale, GA. 30079 (404)376-8014
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