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I am a young lady seeking to make small yet powerful changes in our community with the help of other like-minded relatives. I grew up all over the Los Angeles area. My family moved from the jungles ( La brea and Collesium) to Culver city ( Guthrie and Holt) -  been residing in Mid City for about 15 years now. 


I strongly believe it is our duty as Advanced / Intelligent creatures to care, protect and work along side Nature. It is in the best interest of all-young and old humans, Animals and Earth. Our Home; Planet Earth is BEAUTY, giving and one of a kind. I am honored to take upong this responsibility.

Our society has detached itself from its roots, nature: detaching from thyself. Thus leading way to crime, illness, selfishness, greed, pollution and more corruption. A different world is possible. Small changes with-in thyself, our families and our communities will benefit Man kind and Earth in the long run.

I would like to install a few Community Gardens alongside Adams and Washington.

I will greatly appreciate any all support and help. Community Gardens are a great tool. It not only provides children with a space to learn and interact with their food but also provides teenagers/adults/seniors with a meaningful hobby. The community will benefit from ORGANIC fruits, veggies, herbs and beautiful colors. 

I have a Youtube Channel : VivaIndica111111

You can follow me @VivaIndica

And I also have a Blog you are welcome to check out! 


Love and Light,


Erika S. Herrera






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