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What does your Neighborhood Pride Center do for you?

Mayor Coleman created the Columbus Neighborhood Pride Centers as the direct communications link between the city and your community, to provide excellence in the delivery of city services to achieve strong, safe, healthy neighborhoods.  Your Neighborhood Pride Center is your one-stop shop to connect you to city services and community resources, to make Columbus the very best city in which to live, work, and raise a family.

The Far East Neighborhood Pride Center is a one-stop shop for city services -- all in one placeYour Pride Center Team is:

    > Your Community Liaison

    > Your Neighborhood Liaisons

    > Community Liaison Police Officers                                               

    > Public Service Refuse Collection Staff

    > Assistant City Attorneys

    > Nurses                                

    > Social Workers

    > Health Aides

    > Department of Development Code Enforcement Officers

    > Americorps Service Volunteers

    > AARP Senior Volunteers

    > University Interns and Volunteers

…all of whom work together in your neighborhood to tackle the issues that concern you and your community.

Your Neighborhood Pride Team Works For You By:

     > Decreasing the time it takes to get your concern to the people

        who can help you resolve your issue

    > Helping to beautify your neighborhood through community clean-

        up opportunities

    > Supporting civic associations and block watch groups

    > Providing answers on neighborhood projects and Economic

        Development planning

    > Leveraging and linking available resources

All residents, neighborhood groups, schools, businesses, and churches play a vital role in making your neighborhood a success.  We are here to help you, as we make Columbus the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

Far East Neighborhood Pride Center

2500 Park Crescent 

Columbus, OH 43232

Phone: 614-724-0100

Fax:  614-724-0111

Open M-F, 9AM to 4PM


Location: Columbus, Ohio
Occupation: Neighborhood One-Stop Shop for City Services
Registered: 11/24/2010
Last login: 08/23/2011
Respect-O-Meter: Respected Neighbor
Website: http://development.columbus.gov/content.aspx?id=22952
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