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Country Club Manor Association is a community of neighborhoods comprised of many different people who have an emotional and economic investment in it and who care greatly about its welfare and future. All residents have a common interest in the quality of life of their neighborhoods and share common concerns with public safety, street maintenance, parks, schools, and other issues. It’s because of these reasons; a Neighborhood Association is forming in our neighborhood!


A neighborhood association draws people together and is a great way to keep our neighborhood safe, keep neighbors informed and  provides the opportunity for residents to work together to create projects specifically tailored to their individual neighborhood.


In addition, neighborhood associations can focus on beautification, neighborhood cleanups, parks, social activities (i.e. block party) or other objectives, which reflect an ongoing commitment to improving the quality of life within our neighborhoods.

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If you live within the boundaries of San Antonio to 46th Street, Atlantic Avenue to

Long Beach Boulevard, we need your support!

Location: Long Beach, CA
Occupation: Neighborhood Association
Registered: 07/23/2012
Last login: 11/07/2012
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