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BullsEye Radio has changed it's format to :

All Oldies - All the time

Check us out at  and join us ! You can make requests via the shoutbox or instant messenger or you can join our 100% free video chatroom that has unlimited webcams and meet some truly wonderful people. People who have an appreciation for good music.

We have so much fun in our chatroom , we have contests , a gift shop , and more. Our listeners come from all over the world and all walks of life and we would love for you to join us. Unlike many other chats all over the web we are not littered with idiots who want to  just come in the chat looking for problems or "OTHER" things. We have moderators in our chat that keep those type of people OUT ! That isnt what we are about at BullsEye Radio. We are about , good people , good music , good chat ! A place where you can finally go and relax and enjoy on the net ! Who would have thought ! LOL !

We are also seeking people who want to try their hand at being an oldies DJ , so if you have alot of oldies MP3's from the 20's to 1979 ( we dont play anything past that year ) a fast pc , a good mic that will project your voice , then come join a legally licensed internet radio station that is climbing the charts as the number one oldies station on the world wide web !

So come give us a look today . . . .BullsEye Radio . . . . .All Oldies . . . .All the time  . . . .When you want the best . . . . .Aim for the BullsEye !

John Michaels - Owner - BullsEye Radio Broadcasting

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