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Hello,  my name is Maddox!

I got lost while in Oklahoma City,


I got lost in Oklahoma City, OK. on Christmas Eve and I need to find my Mommy and Daddy so I can go home to California.

I went through a doggie door into the garage at a house I was staying at when Mommy & Daddy were away. When the lady watching me came home I was in the garage and ran when the door opened because I was scared and now I am lost in a strange city!! =((

I am afraid of people that I don't know so will be shy & scared around strangers.

If you see me, please call my Mommy & Daddy IMMEDIATELY (405) 615 3279 or (323) 217-9337. Please watch me until my mommy & daddy arrive, but DO NOT CHASE ME OR YOU WILL SCARE ME AWAY!

Please Please help me find my Mommy & Daddy so I can go home and play ball, burrow under the covers, keep an eye on the neighborhood from the window, watch my favorite show Dogs 101, & on weekends go to the Beach or on long hikes with my Mommy & Daddy! 

Please put my number in your cell phone now, in case you spot me!

I'm so little that I need everyone possible watching for me.

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