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 President: Bud Mendenhall…

 Vice President: Eddie Coble...…....

Secretary: Jane Neer...................... 

 Treasurer: Jean Mendenhall....…     


 Editor: Jean

3rdDistrict Councilman: Tom Didier  489-4559

History of Bloomingdale, Wells Street and The Bridge: 

In 1803, Secretary of War, Henry Dearborn gave instructions to Captain William Wells to designate a track or path from Fort Wayne north to Chikago (present day Chicago).  The purpose of the bridle path between Chikago and Fort Wayne was to establish a direct communications link with the newly created US outpost know as  Fort Dearborn.  Captain Wells and Chief Little Turtle set out for Fort Dearborn along an old Indian trail which proceeded north out of the City.  Once opened, the path became known as the Dearborn Trail and later, Wells Street. 

Because of the growth and development and the volume of trade along Wells Street it made necessary the construction of the Wells Street Bridge with an opening date of 1884.  The bridge was the first iron bridge to be constructed over the City’s rivers. 

As the young City continued to grow outward along major traffic routes such as Wells Street, new suburban districts began to develop, such as Bloomingdale and Bowserville. 

The Bloomingdale district received its name from the broad fields of flowers planted in the early days by a Mr. Jacob Wuersten, who emigrated from Germany. 

Both Bloomingdale and Bowserville were annexed into the City of Fort Wayne in 1871. 

In 1868, Bloomingdale School began operations at the corner of Second and Marion Streets.  In 1887, the development of St. Vincent’s Villa, an orphanage, was located on Wells Street.  Precious Blood Catholic Church opened its doors in the neighborhood in 1895. Then in 1898 the parish school was added. 

The Neighborhood Association was formed in Aug 1974. Northwest Central Association was the name chosen, but was changed to Bloomingdale in 1992.

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