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Let me just say this site was created after I saw what a great job Brandin did by creating the ''Neighborhood Listing''. He put a lot of time in this so thanks goes to him.
My interest came about by wanting to keep up with the goings on in our neighborhood. Everyone can have an opportunity to participate and add ''Your 2 cents''. You can get instant news and update 24/7, that means anytime for you non techies.
So check out ''Meet your neighbors'', ''Community Calender'' and ''Talk about it''. There are also some nice links and we can add others. So please bookmark this site and come to it whenever you want.
If anyone needs help creating a Home Page or any assistance in adding themselves, I will personally come to their home and assist you. Just drop me an e-mail. Let me know your thoughts.
But please remember, this is an web-based site. Anyone can access it including bad people. And even though I doubt this would happen, there is a chance so use care in what you say. This means dont say where you keep your spare house key or times and dates for parties. That information will be accessed in Brandins newsletter.

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