Save Money On Your Family's Technology Needs


When a good business incorporates, one of the first things that they do is analyze their technology needs.  In the current climate many exisiting companies are negotiating with their suppliers before they pay for new service.  Families can benefit from the same sort of technology analysis.

Often our eyes glaze over when we read yet another article telling us to analyze our budgets.  Yes, we all know that we should probably look at our wants vs. our needs and trim the fat from our financial lives.  However, analyzing our technology expenditures can be a very different experience.  With some good decision making, some phone calls, an a little planning most families can reduce what they spend on technology without giving up any of the technological benefits that they currently enjoy.

Renegotiate Your Technology Services

First and foremost, even if you don't make any of the other changes listed in this article, you need to renegotiate your service costs with all of your technology providers.  Most technology companies are hemorrhaging customers.  The recession is hitting them exceptionally hard and customer retention is a primary goal.  Their customer service representatives are being trained in how to negotiate with customers to save them money and keep their business.  Read in detail at Renegotiating Technology Services in a Recession

Your Cable/Satellite TV Bill

TV watching habits range wildly from person to person but almost everyone can save money on their Satellite or Cable television bill.  Some options require small sacrifices but some options save money without changing your viewing habits at all.  Read in detail how to Save Money On Your Cable/Satellite TV Bill

Your Cell Phone Bill

 The prepaid cell business was formerly the refuge of people with bad credit and the services themselves were disreputable.  Unless you were a drug dealer, there was some personal shame involved with using a prepaid phone.  Those days are gone!  The business has changed dramatically and you can save your family an enormous abount of money by understanding the industry.  Read in detail at Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill

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