First Time Home Buyer and Other Home Loan Programs - Colorado


Colorado has several first time home buyer and other home loan programs available through the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority, as well as other city and county agencies.

The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority

The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) provides fixed rate financing to homebuyers, small to medium sized businesses, and multifamily rental housing developers in Colorado.

Read more about the Colorado mortgage programs on the official Colorado Housing and Finance Authority website.

Colorado also has several first time home buyer and other home loan programs available through city and county agencies. Find a local Colorado home buyer program that is right for you on the official Colorado HUD website.

CHFA HomeOpener and CHFA HomeOpener Plus

CHFA HomeOpener and CHFA HomeOpener Plus are statewide first mortgage programs available to homebuyers. There are no purchase price limits or first time homebuyer requirements, and mortgage loans originated in these programs are not subject to the Recapture Tax provision. The CHFA HomeOpener Plus program includes the CHFA Second Mortgage Loan to assist with down payment and closing costs for a single family property. The programs offer market interest rates.

CHFA Second Mortgage Loan

Used in conjunction with the CHFA HomeOpener Plus program, this optional loan helps with down payment and closing costs. This loan, if used, will come from the same lender as your primary loan. The CHFA Second Mortgage Loan is available for up to 3 percent of the first mortgage loan amount at the same interest rate and term (30 years) as the first mortgage, the CHFA HomeOpener Plus.

CHFA JumpStart Tax Credit Program

Take advantage of the Federal First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Program by using the CHFA JumpStart Tax Credit Program for your down payment and/or closing costs. Repay this 0% Second Mortgage Loan when you get your tax credit refund and build instant equity in your home.

CHFA HomeAccess

People with disabilities or parents of a child with a disability may qualify for the HomeAccess program. This program is available to low income, first time homebuyers or individuals who have not had property ownership or been listed on a title in the past three calendar years. There are purchase price and income limits on these loans.

CHFA SectionEight and SectionEight Plus Homeownership Programs

Renters who receive Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) from Public Housing Authorities (PHA) and are approved by the PHA to participate in their homeownership programs may be eligible for CHFA SectionEight Homeownership Program. There are purchase price limits and income limits and the program is only available to first time homebuyers.

Mortgage Credit Certificate

The Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program allows first time homebuyers and certain qualified homeowners refinancing a mortgage to claim up to 20 percent of their mortgage interest each year as a federal tax credit on their Federal Income Tax Returns.

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Source: The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
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