Stimulus, Recovery Act - Pennsylvania Funding and Jobs


Pennsylvania expects to recieve an estimated $16 billion in federal economic stimulus over the next two years. This article outlines how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will effect Pennsylvanians.

How the Federal Economic Stimulus Will Be Allocated in Pennsylvania

The federal Recovery Act will invest an estimated $16 billion in various sectors throughout Pennsylvania. This includes billions of dollars in direct relief for Pennsylvania taxpayers and more than $9.8 billion in formula-driven funding for health care, education, infrastructure, job training, housing and other aid.

Health Care - $4 Billion


The economic recovery plan provides an estimated $4 billion to increase access to quality health care for elderly, disabled, and low-income Pennsylvanians, as well as other assistance programs. This funding will prevent Pennsylvania from having to make cuts at a time when more people then ever are relying on these programs.

In addition, many workers who lose their jobs will face lower costs to temporarily continue their employer-provided health care coverage.

At the federal level, the economic recovery plan also seeks to create a stronger health information technology system that will give doctors easier access to patient records and fund research to identify the most effective treatments and medications.

Education - $2.56 Billion


Pennsylvania's young people will benefit from more than $2.5 billion for tuition assistance and improved public education.

The Recovery Act provides support to local school districts to renovate outdated buildings, keep teachers in classrooms, maintain pre-school and special education programs, and provide increased financial assistance for students to attend college.

Transportation Infrastructure - $1.4 Billion


Pennsylvania will receive an estimated $1.4 billion to repair its aging roads, bridges, and public transportation systems.

By recognizing the link between a safe, reliable transportation infrastructure and the ability for communities and businesses to continue to grow, the economic recovery plan will allow Pennsylvania to repair thousands of bridges and thousands more miles of highways while creating and retaining countless jobs. It will also provide funding support to public transit and passenger rail projects.

Job Training & Other Programs - $1.1 Billion


The economic recovery plan will provide job training and unemployment services, tax credits, public assistance programs, and funding to fight crime and assist victims.

Pennsylvania will receive $4 billion to help pay for health care costs for the elderly, disabled, and poor families under the Medicaid program; $120 million for child care services and Head Start; $118 million for job training and improved unemployment services; and $100 million for aid to indigent families.

Other Infrastructure & Housing - $476 Million


Local governments can receive funds to repair infrastructure, revitalize communities, and increase access to affordable housing.

Pennsylvania will receive $523 million in funds for affordable housing construction, including $58 million in additional funding for Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). $223 million is also allocated for drinking water and sewer system improvements.

Energy & Conservation - $373 Million


Pennsylvania will receive $373 million to promote energy independence, including $258 million to make home repairs and upgrades that will improve energy efficiency. There are also rebates and loans available to make energy-related home improvements more affordable.

Businesses can also obtain financial assistance to make their processes and facilities more energy efficient and participate in alternative energy projects.

Recovery Act Funding Opportunities in Pennsylvania

Funding from the federal Recovery Act creates opportunities for state contracts, jobs, and grants. Each of these categories is linked to Pennsylvania State programs and departments where you can receive information, apply for funding, or submit proposals.

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Source: State of Pennsylvania
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