Grand Portage National Monument


For over 400 years Ojibwe families of Grand Portage have tapped maples every spring on a ridge located just off Lake Superior.

During the summer, Ojibwe fishermen harvest in the same areas their forefathers have. Before the United States and Canada existed, the trading of furs, ideas and genes between the Ojibwe and French and English fur traders flourished. From 1778 until 1802, welcomed by the Grand Portage Ojibwe, the North West Company located their headquarters and western supply depot here for business and a summer rendezvous. Today, Grand Portage National Monument and Indian Reservation form a bridge between people, time and culture.

Take a Guided Walk

Join a guide in historic dress for a talk about the natural history of the beaver, take a walking tour of the site or see the construction of a traditional fur trade canoe in the monument's Ojibwe village.

Become a Junior Ranger

Grand Portage National Monument is a great place to be a kid! Pick up your Junior Ranger booklet in the great hall; answer the questions and when you finish, head back to the great hall to receive your Junior Ranger badge and NWCo. voyageur contract.

Visit the Historic Gardens

Extensive gardens were found at every fur post. Traders and their families craved produce from the gardens and used different methods to preserve vegetables for winter use. Come see what the gardens have to offer this year and speak with our historic gardener.


Grand Portage Heritage Center

Construction of the new Grand Portage Heritage Center is complete. Grand Opening and Dedication ceremonies took place on Friday, August 10, 2007. The 16,600 square foot building houses exhibit galleries about Ojibwe culture and the fur trade, a bookstore, multi-media programs, park offices and a classroom.


Weather conditions change frequently, due to the site's location on the north shore of Lake Superior. Cool onshore lake breezes are common in spring, summer and fall along with occasional showers. Summer inland temperatures can reach into the 80's and 90's but are usually 10 to 15 degrees cooler by Lake Superior. Winter weather can be very cold and windy, with consecutive days of sub-zero temperatures, followed by calm, sunny, moderate temperatures in the 20's and 30's.

Grand Portage Contant Information

Write to
P.O. Box 426
170 Mile Creek Road
Grand Portage, Minnesota 55605

Heritage Center
(218) 475-0123


Source: National Park Service
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