Crime compiling from Oak Hill Neighbors- Are these happening to you?

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In several sections of Oak Hill, it seems that it is taking a turn for the worse.   Are there fewer police traveling thru the area? There has been a shooting in Woodlawn in Payne Park area, and with some of these high intensity situations, multiple cars are pulled to address the situation, but not on a regular basis.

There are several folks that had one Saturday a couple of weeks ago that they had to call the police multiple times for very different situations.  Between neighbors with alcohol problems, kids trying to spray paint the neighborhood, and loud cars screeching around the neighborhood life has become unpleasant for the various Oak Hill families.  

One doesn't want to get a reputation of always calling the police, neither does one want retribution for doing so.  Remember you can call the various tip lines without giving your iD, so check on the website for them under Neighborhood News Section, but do call to protect our neighborhood and your safety.

Some folks have wondered if there could be a little more police presence in several parts of Oak Hill.  There seems to be fewer times they are seen to be around and there is a good thought that if people saw the police cars more often, they might be less likely to act out.

There are reports of at least one or more break ins that have occurred including alarmed homes which may indicate professionals are taking more chances here, but there are concerns that we must all address with our eyes and ears. Youth seems to be gathering in some areas for watching, and they deserve to do their things, but remember to call the police if in any doubt. Better to call the police than to say I should have called thm.

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Yes, there seems to a few minor breaks with some neighbors and their cars and too many kids gathering with nothing to do or evil in their minds...I have called a few times and the police are generally quick to respond to me and others.

I think there have been far fewer of the police cars around so maybe they are saving gas and parking under the division st bridge or at the dunkin donuts

Reports of shooting in Woodlawn E-mail

on 09-24-2008 01:37  



PAWTUCKET - Police are investigating a report of numerous shots that were fired at an unidentified male that occurred Monday night on Jefferson Avenue, about a block from the Woodlawn Community Center.

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Says it all-So another cf crime bit of the gangbangers

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