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Garage Sale?

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My wife, Kate, and I are taking charge on organizing a garage sale for our Bryson Cove community. The date we propose is Saturday July 22 -- the week before the neighborhood Meet & Greet. If your household is interested in participating in the community Garage Sale, please let me know via email as soon as possible so that I can direct all future communications to the appropriate parties.

Thanks to Paul Preston who gave us some guidance on the proper procedures for Dublin Garage Sales!

I also called the City and found out additional details. Each household participating in a garage sale in Dublin is required to purchase a permit for $5. Any directional signs that we place on the curbs also must be purchased from the City for $1 each. Signs that are placed in our front yards are available for sale from the City for $1 each, however, are optional and we can make or purchase our own signs for our yards. Balloons on mailboxes are allowed as well.

Kate and I will get all of the proper permits and signs from the City for those that are interested in participating. We will also look into placing an ad into one of the local Dublin papers (any recommendations on which paper?) to bring in the bargain hunters. Those involved will split the cost of the ad and any additional costs for the signs, balloons, etc.

One note, if there is limited interest in having the event, then we will abandon the neighborhood garage sale idea and each household will be responsible for organizing their own garage sale.

If anyone else has any other ideas/recommendations please let us know. Also, if we have inadvertently left anyone off of the distribution list, please forward this note to them or have them contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Asch and Kate Mikhail
4230 Bryson Cove Circle

By Asch & Kate Mikhail
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