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stupid drivers!

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many vehicles roll on through the stop sign at the entrance to the neighborhood. Someone is going to get T-boned here! STOP means STOP!  And the speed limit in a residential area is  25 ! 

Your post is a good one, thank you. 


My name is Leighann and i am the President of the Wrangle Hill Estates Neighborhood Association.  I have been getting a few calls about the issue of speeders through the neighborhood.  I've been urging people to please call the police non-emergency number (see newsletter for number) and reporting them.  They will need the type of car and if possible the license plate.  The more people report it, the more chance of us getting more frequent patrols and speed traps through the neighborhood.


We as an association cannot call, because it needs to be witnessed.


It's an anoymous call.

Agreed! Maybe you can contact the NCC PD officer that is listed in our newsletter and see if the traffic unit can set up some radar or seatbelt check or something here!

We discussed this at one of the meetings and checked with our local officer.  There has to be a certain number of calls to increase police drive throughs or radar check points.

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