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Strangers knocking on our doors!

Posted in: Wrangle Hill Estates

I wish there was something everyone could do to stop strangers from knocking on our doors!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is getting to be a Jehovah stomping ground!  In todays society it is very dangerous, so many people getting robbed or even worse. The Jehovahs start on Granger and I have no Idea how far they go. These past few days they have been making their rounds. Also some lawn care business card was left in my door after repeatedly knocking . Summer is a time when children are home alone , I know I dont feel safe with strangers repeatedly knocking on my door . Is there anyway to stop this from happening? 

I bought a "No Solicitations" sticker and put on my door.  It seems to help alot. 


There is a DE law that became effective around Aug. 2012 which says that any business soliciting MUST have a permit with them when they solicit.  If they don't, call the non-emergency police number and report them.  Unfortunately, it doesn't incude religious groups.



the NO SOLICITATIONS should be posted on the entrance sign! Laughing

This was brought up at a meeting and voted on within the past year.  It was voted to NOT put a No Solicitation sign at the front entrance because this will block out boy scouts, girls scouts, school fund raisers, etc.

The "No Solicitation" rule does not include church groups, so it wouldn't matter.

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