Woods at Jefferson HOA

February 24, 2004 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Minutes from 2/24/04 Home Owner’s Association Meeting

• Meeting opened at 7:15 p.m.
• The Board members passed out a detailed agenda and asked the people in attendance to take a few minutes and read the agenda.
• The floor was then opened to questions

The Board clarified that yes, in fact, the Association was approximately $5,000 in the black

There was a question as to who would be responsible for court costs if it were decided to utilize small claims court as a resolution to unpaid dues. The Board clarified that, ultimately, the resident is responsible for those fees, provided the HOA wins the case and no attorney is involved for the HOA. We still have approximately 24% of the residents who are delinquent with dues. A decision will ultimately have to be made as to how this will be handled.

Juli Norris reviewed her meeting with the County Engineer. Construction starts some time in April and the plan is for November completion. The construction will affect Chapel Stone and areas slightly to the south. The Arbor Rose entrance will remain open. Road widening will occur on the west side of the road and a turn lane will be added. This turn lane will benefit people driving south on Waggoner Road and turning onto Chapel Stone. Waggoner Road will be closed at the railroad tracks and further North. Kennedy Road will also be affected.

Swings, playground equipment and a walking path (all paid for by the Metro Parks Department are scheduled for installation within the next month and take approximately one month to complete. Additional plantings will always be welcome to improve the park.
A resident asked if we carried liability insurance to cover community sponsored activities at the park. The answer to that is yes.
The Parks and Recreation Department encouraged us to have a Memorial Day activity of some kind- possibly do a spring planting. This would kick of the new park officially.

PSAM is no longer involved with the Woods at Jefferson in any way. Delinquency letters were sent out and the Board is beginning to get a better feel for where the Association stands. They are also getting organized and cleaning up the mess left by PSAM.

Dave, Mike and George are the code enforcement committee. They are not here to make life difficult for people. The committee’s job is to keep the neighborhood looking nice, which increases all of our property values. PSAM did no enforcement. People will begin to see more enforcement on certain issues that the committee has decided are high priority. These include loose siding; trim paint that needs repair and commercial vehicles in the development.
A question was asked about the process of notifying homeowners of violations. Dave stated that once he notes a violation, he keeps an eye on it for several weeks, if changes aren’t made; the Board sends a letter to the homeowner. If this has no effect, the homeowner will be turned over to the city who will then enforce the code violations.
Our local code enforcement officer is John Lehman. His phone number is
645-699. His office hours are 7:30 a.m.- 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.- 4:30 p.m.

There is a new Neighborhood Improvement Team. This group is designed to determine priorities for spending funds in the development. Examples of possible improvements are:
New signs at each entrance
White fence on the hilltop at Waggoner Road
Stone wall on the hilltop at Waggoner Road
Trees for the park

The Board again encouraged the residents to advertise their professional services in the newsletter. Not only will this keep money in the community, it will reduce the flow of “stranger” traffic also.

The city dealt with the Ravine drainage issue.
The Board is continuing to work on care and upkeep of the Ravine issues
The Board members continue to ask for help from volunteers. It doesn’t have to consume large quantities of your time. But we do need help.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Posted by jhpn on 04/19/2004
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