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 It is inconceivable to me, a veteran. that any homeowners association, could ever have a say about patriotic symbols on a veterans car.  I have proudly served my country, USMC, Army, Fire Fighter......AND......VERY PROUDLY....display symbols on my vehicle from all three of these organizations.   Plus I also believe in the 2nd amendment and display the NRA and Gun Owners of America stickers as well.  I am a life member of the American Legion and also AMVETS, those stickers are also on my vehicle.  I am a Fire Chaplain, today and that emblem is also on my car, plus I have 3 American Flag magnets on my vehicle, 1 on each side and one in the rear, plus support our troop magnets.   

I would defy anybody to ask me to remove any of them for any reason..... I swore an oath 4 times to defend this country from all enemies both foreign and domestic......those oaths had no expiration dates on them.....your actions would tend me to believe that you are one of the domestic enemies that we have to worry about.......Anyone that does not have respect for the symbols of freedom that people proudly display on their private vehicles......or for the people who have served their country under those symbols......needs to get a life.....Study the constitution and amendments.....and if after learning what the founders meant by freedom and liberty, peoples right to free expression, and still haven't learned what it means, then they need to find a country to live in that meets their ideals.....there are several communist or socialistic countries around the world that might be very glad to accept a citizen that does not believe in the freedoms that all Americans enjoy. 

  I belong to several freedom loving organizations that will back this ex-marine with all available assets and enthusiasm.  We will bring national attention to the freedom depriving members of your home owners association.  You will come to regret the actions of your board.....Those actions are not only un-American, but the members of the board must and should be catagorized in the same manner.  

God Bless America.....and Semper Fi  

Thomas L Hart

16490 N Emerson Cir Conroe, TX 77306

Home (936) 264-3751 Cell   (936) 672-1087  

p.s.  I also fly two flags in my front yard, from my flag pole in my home owners association.

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