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Pool Access Cards

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I'd like to hear your thoughts on the new access cards that are being distributed this week.

I suppose that it's a good first step to at least have ''something'' that identifies us as Pulte Woodlands homeowners who have paid our community club membership dues.

But have you ever seen anything as cheap as these tiny laminated cards? Why isn't the homeowner's family name, address, or at least a cross-reference number, printed on the card? As it stands, the cards are easily transferable to others (i.e. non-dues paying residents and non-residents).

Nor is there any mention in the letter that came with the card how it will be monitored at the pool. Will the lifeguards or security personnel be asking each family to show their card? Does this card only apply to the pool? What about the beach volleyball court, children's playground and tennis courts that are routinely used by non-residents?

This is yet another issue to raise at the upcoming homeowner's meeting on May 26th. Sigh...
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