Please help Woodland Hills couple!

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Dear neighbor,


I am here to ask for your help!!!!


My name is Valeria and my husband’s name is Josh. We are your neighbors and we live on Mariano Street, Woodland Hills, CA. We are participating in a contest which will choose the world’s greatest couple…lol. It’s true! We are a young married couple and we do believe we are a great couple and we are very thankful to have each other …Right now we are among the 50 couples with the most votes!!! J  In this contest we had to fulfill a series of fifteen challenges to prove why we are the greatest couple. We still have one more challenge to fulfill. During those challenges we had to take pictures of our moments together, we had to write about how we met, we had to write poems to each other etc.


Out of all the couples participating, the six couples that receive the most votes will go to the finals and the champion will win a 22ct diamond ring J To be among those six couples we need you to vote for us!!!!! You are receiving this flyer because we need your vote. Please vote for us and ask your friends and relatives to vote for us too!


If we win this diamond ring, we will sell it and we will use 1/3 of the money in donations to our community and around the world. Please help us! The contest will end in a few days. Please vote for us before Tuesday, December 30th.




You need to have Facebook or Twitter to be able to vote. You will spend less than 5 minutes to vote for all of our challenges if you don’t read anything. However if you read our entries and watch our videos as you vote you will spend more time but will get to know us and I am sure you will enjoy our entries!!!


This is the link to our profile:


Our contest name is “Destined to Shine Forever.” When you go to that link, you will find our profile page with all our entries, which are the challenges that we had to fulfill (example: favorite photo-challenge 1, secret pet names- challenge 2 etc). When you click in each of the entries, you will see a pink button under our entry in the right side where it says: VOTE FOR THIS ENTRY. Click on that box. Then they will ask you to log in with Facebook or Twitter. After you do that your vote will be received and you will see a message on top of the page saying: “Thank you for your vote.”


After that it is easy, just go back to our profile page, click on the next entry, and click on the pink box where it says: “VOTE FOR THIS ENTRY”, then go to the third, fourth, fifth, etc….until the last entry, always clicking on the pink box…that’s it! You will only have to log in on Facebook or Twitter once, when you vote for the first challenge. If you want to vote for us twice, using both Facebook and Twitter, you can and we would love if you could do that for us! But you have to log out from one to be able to use the other and vote again. If you have any question for us, contact us at


Thank you so much for your support! Happy thanksgiving and have a wonderful holiday season!!!



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