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Apathy in our neighborhood

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Most of the crime that happens here in Woodlake occur during the daylight hours, this is the time when most of us are at work. Unfortunately, apathy prevail throughout the neighborhood. In the nine years I have lived in Woodlake I've noticed that unless something happens to your property there is no concern for what goes on here. Here in Woodlake we have a volunteer homeowners association and pay $12 annual dues, out of the approximately 1300 homes there are only 300 or so paid members and 20 to 30 active members of which 15 are either board members or officers of the association. Just this weekend we held a neighborhood wide cleanup, we had no more than 10 people that thought it was important enough to show up to take part in making our community look nice. I've notice that more and more of you are taking care of Your private property, we still have quite a few that don't. Most of us have become comfortable in our homes and unless something affects us personally we could care less what happens to the neighborhood. Maybe it takes something like your car being stolen or home broken into to get you involved in the neighborhood. I submit to you if this air of apathy continues you may be the next crime victim or you may watch your property values drop. Wake up people, hell it does not take a lot of your personal time to become involved. Together we can be a beautiful, safe neighborhood again !
I Agree

I totally agree w/you. I have lived here for 12-13 yrs. There is no involvement, it is boring. I get jealous of other neighborhoods and the stuff they do, like Ventura. Sad but true. I up to doing more things with our neighborhood now that I know.

By Natalie
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