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What is the thought on community mailboxes?
100% compliance

Personally, I would love to see it, however we would need 100% of the neighborhood to agree to it. I don't see that happening, but we are going to put in a newsletter and get an idea of where the neighborhood stands on it. The USPS would pay for the boxes if they found it to save them money. So, if we had a cluster of boxes at each entrance and one in the back of the neighborhood then it would most likely be free. We would probably have to compensate the homeowners for their boxes or something of that nature. Missed you at the last meeting when we dicussed it. I will try to post some minutes for all to read.
tks, mds
Not a good idea

I am against the idea of cluster mail boxes. First off, it would be smaller then a regular mail box. Second, currently if I have a larger package that will not fit in the mail box, the package will be left on my porch. How cluster mail boxes affect this. From what I have been told is that I would have to go to the post office and pick up the package. That would be very inconvenient. Third, if there are only three clusters - they are going to be very large cluster boxes. If you were to go around to other communities, you would see that the most they have is around 12 to 20 boxes.

By Jeff Wingo
No plans to implement

Although it appears that this will not happen, since we have recieved some negative feedback. I'll reply to your concerns. 1. Yes, it would be smaller than regular. 2. Each cluster would have a package drop, they put a key in your box and you pick it up there in a extra large locked box. No trip to the Post Office. 3. Although we considered additional locations, spreading out the clusters, it would become an issue of efficiency with the USPS, they pay if it's more efficient. We would have to pay to have additional clusters.
regardless this idea is no longer being considered
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