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If you are angry with another, hold that thought and don't voice it.  If you verbally harass a neighbor, threaten to beat them up or even insinuate violent consequences by telling them things like "you BETTER not even go into the street or off your property", these are crimes punishable by fines and/or jail time!


We don't all have to like each other in this neighborhood...or the world, for that matter, but we DO have to try to be respectful and live on this planet in some kind of harmony.  God and our laws demand it!


So, those of you who want to inflict pain on or shoot someone because they did or didn't do something you "require" of them, think twice..and then think again.  If you see that by getting high, on whatever, you are prone to anger and impulsive behavior, then DON'T GET HIGH!!!  Best, of course to not get high, anyway, but, especially if it is likely to lead to a jail-term and maybe even the death penalty.


Media keeps reporting: FBI doesn’t COUNT 7 of the homicides since Jan, 1, 2013 in Fort
Wayne-Allen County? So, instead of 29, the media reports we ONLY have 22? This
number is in keeping with that of a larger city, like Chicago, when you break down the
numbers. Since when did human life become a mere statistic? Since when was our goal
to be in step with violence of another area? It IS time to STOP street violence..break up,
... not just calm down gangs, get drugs off the streets, and drivers high on alcohol and drugs
from behind the wheel! Has it escaped people’s attention that most of the people who
commit crimes are also high? What is happening to our city? Who cares? I know I
DO...and ALL who live in and love this area should, too. Remember, what happens to
one of God’s children happens to us all!
Drugs play a HUGE part in this crime problem we all face, as was made clear to me, yet again, with the next CD to come up on my player that of Whitney Houston and "The Preachers Wife". What a loss..Whitney AND the many who continue to die every day because of drugs and alcohol abuse!
Thank God for Mariah..and for the many starting to recognize this human problem which plagues the world. Special thanks to those who, recently, have been stepping up to make sure out returning vets are appreciated, housed, and treated medically!
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